About Us

The Walsh Institute is a collection of resources designed to accelerate growth among businesses in Southeast Michigan.

What We Do
Walsh Institute services focus on the critical elements of every business: leadership and strategy, human resources, operations, marketing and finance. They include:

Blackstone LaunchPad: Funded by the Blackstone Charitable Foundation, and in partnership with New Economy Initiative for Southeast Michigan, Automation Alley, University of Miami and Wayne State University, this program helps aspiring entrepreneurs develop and launch their businesses. As the first of its kind in Michigan, it offers fully enrolled, for-credit Walsh students and degreed Walsh alumni the opportunity to assess the feasibility of their ideas for starting and growing for- and non-profit ventures.

Custom and business-specific research: Quantitative and qualitative research on everything from customer satisfaction to product concept testing. Walsh’s onsite focus group suite is also equipped for audio and video recording, and in-person observation.

Business 360 Certificate Program: A series of short, intensive workshops taught by successful, working experts. Example topics include accounting for non-accountants and business law basics.

Customized Business Training: Walsh faculty-taught sessions tailored to a company’s core issues. Topics range from implementing technology changes to industry-specific certifications.

Entrepreneur Center: For-credit courses centered on business innovation and small business management.

Leadership Center: Educational programs for owners and management teams of small and family business. Programs include confidential forums, workshops and discipline specific conferences.

TheWalshInstitute.com: Content-rich, no-nonsense website for busy business owners. Features include an online community, best-practice case studies, a directory of workshops and certificate programs, and a calendar of relevant events.

Who We Are

We’re teachers. Entrepreneurs. Trained facilitators. Experienced corporate leaders in operations, finance, marketing, and strategy. We’re a think tank at your service, here to present the options and recommend the next steps. We’ll put you in touch with the people you need to meet and show you how to analyze the changes in the market. We are ready to help you, right now.

Where We Come From

Walsh College has taught southeast Michigan’s commercial leaders since 1922, when Mervyn Walsh left a pretty good gig as Thomas Edison’s accountant to teach the Pace Accounting Method to students in Detroit for $60 per semester.