There are plenty of subtleties and continual changes in the world of finance. Fortunately, Walsh offers relevant, current training courses and events.

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Business 360: Finance for the Non-Financial Manager Workshop
Learn to integrate financial concepts and policies with real-world business. From securing sources of business financing to determining the optimal mix of debt and equity, this workshop will prepare you to improve budget management, increase potential profits and assess the financial viability of your ventures.

  • Select the most-promising investments using Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, payback and real options valuation
  • Learn how business financing is secured through financial intermediaries and capital markets
  • Analyze investment performance using Return on Investment, Return on Equity, Economic Value Added and Spreads
  • Determine the optimal mix of debit and equity by exploring the concepts of capital structure, leverage and break-even

This is a one-session workshop. Register now.

“Not being a “numbers” person – I was hesitant to take this class.  Dr. Wiechowski was excellent at explaining the principles in a clear, concise manner.”

Instructor: Linda Wiechowski, PhD, is the Chair of the Finance and Economics department. Dr. Wiechowski has been teaching at Walsh College since 1984. She has also taught at the University of Detroit Mercy, Wayne State University and Saint Mary’s College. Dr. Wiechowski specializes in teaching financial management and economics in the MBA program as well as finance in the BBA and MSF programs. Dr. Wiechowski holds a Bachelor of Accountancy from Walsh College, a Master of Business Administration from Wayne State University, and a PhD from Wayne State University.


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